Incredibly Knowledgeable and Professional

Mark Rapoza from Gilbert, AZ

My wife and i had been turned down a couple of times when trying to get pre-qualified. It seems that if the lender understood how to work with a sole officer of an LLC, they DID NOT know VA Loans and vice versa. When we were introduced to Noah it literally took him about an hour to get back to us and tell us that he could qualify us for a lot more home then we were looking for! Once we started working with him every question we had was answered promptly regardless of what day it was our how convenient it may or may not have been for him. Noah was very thorough and insured that we understood everything that was happening every step of the way. I would recommend that anyone seriously looking to purchase a home use Noah.

LOAN STATUS Closed Aug 2018

LOAN TYPE Purchase


INTEREST RATE Lower than expected


Posted on September 17th, 2018 by
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